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Fiber Optic Replacement Rods (4 Pk) Green Only

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  Manufacturer: Novak Designs Inc
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A package of four fiber optic replacement rods for Novak sights. Please follow the instructions below when ordering. Please insure your shipping address is correct and the USPS delivers to that address.
Ordering Instructions

Please type the following information in the items comments box above:

1.  What is the manufacturer and model of the handgun? (i.e. Colt 1911 Gov)
2.  What sight is the replacement rod for: Front or Rear?
3.  What color of replacement rod is needed: Red or Green? ** Red is unavailable as of 12/28/23 **
4.  What diameter of rod is needed? (i.e. .060", .080", .100")

Installation Instructions

1.  Center the new fiber into the sight.
2.  While holding the fiber in place, use a lighter to heat the end of the fiber facing the rear of the slide until the fiber lenses to the sight. (**Do not place the flame directly on the fiber.**)
3.  Check the lens to make sure it is clear and has no black spots and has melted evenly.
4.  Repeat process on the opposite end of the rod while holding the fiber tight to the sight on the previous lensed end.
5.  Check to make sure rod is tightly secured in place and does not slide back and forth.

  • Manufacturer: Novak Designs Inc
  • Required Shipping Method: USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Small Box ($9.50)
  • Shipping Weight: 0.08 lbs
  • Dimensions: 0.7" x 0.08" x 0"
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