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LoMount Carry 1911 Plain Black Super Wide Notch - Product Review
Novak LoMount Carry 1911 Plain Black Super Wide Notch Rear Sight
Item: LMC01SWN  Ample Stock
Manufacturer: Novak Designs Inc
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Reviewed By: Mark S.
Review Date: 12/3/2017
Really like this rear sight. This wide rear sight doesn't seem that wide when you use it. I had picked up a new Colt Competition 1911 (70 series) and I really like the sights with bright fiber in the front - great for daylight or hunting. So it is a Novak's site that Colt is using. I wanted a few of my other 1911s to use the same sight system, and some a few with a front night sight! I measure the notch on the Colt gun and it is Novak's wide notch at .17 inch. I plan to buy this site upgrade for a few of my Kimbers, but I'm not sure how much fitting will be required. I also want to combine this rear sight with a front night sight like the new Trijicon Mega Yellow, or Orange front post night sights. I think Trijicon got the right idea there, but I don't like their 2-dot rear. What I prefer is simply a 1 dot system, or 2 dot system. So far, I've been using the XS Sights Big Dot system or Heine's 8 (2-dot) like on all Dan Wesson Valors which either one I really like. Not sure why Novak isn't making a better front night sight with more color, that is my only negative with them. We will see how a Trijicon Mega front is paired with this Novak rear sight. I think it will be great. I never liked the 3 dot sights - too much confusion for the eye. I think many long time gunners feel the same way after using them for so long. I wish Novak would offer a better front night sight to go with their great rear sights whether no trtitium insert or just the one that they currently offer. Offer a little discount for the combo package. Novak's response - Thank's Mark, we are glade you really like our sights. We always want folks to use the best sight combination that works for them, not what someone wants them to use. We have been working on what you're suggesting for quite some time now and we are happy to announce that our next generation of sights will be launching soon. We are extremely meticulous about new developments and testing to be sure that we put out the best product possible and not just do what others are doing. We think you'll be pleased with the next generation sights and the new pricing as well. Thank's again and check back soon. -The staff at Novak's 2/8/19
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