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Dovetail Front .075" Base Tritium Dot .180" White Outline

Novak Dovetail Front .075" Base Tritium Dot .180" Night Sight White Outline
Item: DFS02-6.180W  Ample Stock
  Manufacturer: Novak Designs Inc
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The Novak® dovetail front sight is the premium front sight design in the industry. Purposely designed for high visibility, strength, and performance. The sight blade length reduces residue on the face of the sight when firing, allowing for a clear and concise focal point for target acquisition. Made from American preheat-treated 4140 steel, precision CNC machined in the U.S.A., and black nitride finish providing the ultimate quality and unmatched durability. The well thought out design complements the lines of any handgun, providing the ultimate form meets function. Fits the Novak® .330” x 65° degree dovetail cut, available in two different dovetail depths, multiple blade styles and heights. Also features a front roll pin hole for added security (excludes fiber optics and other noted sights) ensuring the sight stays in place. Blade widths are .125” for all fronts with the exception of the Mega Dot® Series which is .140” wide. Please check our “Sights 101” section for more information on the Novak® dovetail front sight.

The tritium insert from Night Fision® features 30% more tritium in every vial and a ballistic polymer outline that is guaranteed not to stain, chip, crack, fade, or peel under adverse conditions. These improvements culminate into a much brighter and faster front sight that will give you enhanced visibility day or night. The tritium sights are available in either orange, white, or yellow outline and are available in either our standard .125" width blade or our Mega dot® .140" width blade.
Blade Width: .125"
Blade Height: .180"
Dovetail Dimension: .330" x 65º
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