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Gary Paul Johnston's ONE-ASS-TO-RISK 


reminds one to be more careful

Especially for
who find themselves operating in a high risk environment and living on the edge.
Who are in Military
Law Enforcement Personnel
Your Loved One

Introducing ONE-ASS-TO-RISK Products


Cloisonné 1* Pins



Best quality. 3/4" high by 7/16" wide Clutch Pin $4.95 each



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1* Men's T-shirts

Printing Silver on Black
Printing Black on Military Green

100% Cotton.
Large, XLarge, or 2XLarge $17.50 each



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Cloth Insignia

The original silver on black 1* insignia worn by thousands of law enforcement and military officers, and others the world over, and approved field wear for the 82nd Airborne during Desert Storm. Perfect for caps, uniforms, go-bags, & etc.
3" long by 2-1/4" wide , Sewing Required

Silver on Black


Silver on Red

Red on Red



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1* Beaded Chain (24")

100% Stainless Steel Made in the USA



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Belt Buckle

The Original Heavy Bronze 1*buckle with lower banner deep engraved SWAT and upper banner left plain for you to have your name or agency engraved. Finest Quality. $39.95
3-3/4" x 2-3/4" and 5oz. in velvet case & handsome gift box


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Silver Signature 1* Mug

Black on dark royal blue with genuine PLATINUM outline and printing
12oz. mug, 4-1/2" tall by 3-1/2" wide

DO NOT microwave
NOT dishwasher Safe



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