Novak LoMount Adjustable 380 Tritium Bar - Product Review
Novak LoMount Adjustable Tritium Bar 380 Rear Sight
Item: LMA38004  Ample Stock
Manufacturer: Novak Designs Inc
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Product Review
Reviewed By: Joshua B.
Review Date: 2/23/2017
I absolutely love this rear sight combined with the Tritium Mega Dot front sight! I was a bit skeptical at first being I am so used to a three dot sight picture but I much prefer this setup. Day or night, it is not only easier, but faster for me as well. At night or in the dark, there is no comparison! The bar and dot setup is incredibly intuitive and fast. I have finally found the perfect sight for my EDC, a Colt Defender. Install was fairly easy. And even though I did not need to use the adjustable feature to get on target, it is sure nice to have. Would buy another set without hesitation.
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